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Taiwanese Voters Say No to Ma Ying-jeouOgasawara Yoshiyuki

In Taiwan’s November 2014 local elections, the ruling party suffered greater-than-expected losses, further weakening the position of President Ma Ying-jeou. Why did the Kuomintang fare so poorly, and what lies ahead for Taiwan and its relations with mainland China?

The Sunflower Movement and the Emergence of a “New Mass” in TaiwanWakabayashi Masahiro

When students occupied Taiwan’s parliament building this spring, they won backing from a broad mass of citizens. What is the nature of this new mass, and what are the prospects for the new civic movement resisting President Ma Ying-jeou’s tilt toward China?

Taiwan’s President Ma Wins a Second TermMatsuda Yasuhiro

Ma Ying-jeou of the Kuomintang won a second term in Taiwan’s recent presidential election. Matsuda Yasuhiro, a specialist in Taiwan affairs, considers the significance of this victory for Taiwan’s relations with mainland China and with the United States and Japan.

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