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Kurosawa Akira
Mifune Toshirō, a World-Class ActMatsuda Michiko

This year the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced the selection of Japanese film legend Mifune Toshirō (1920–1997) to receive a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Almost two decades after his death in 1997, Mifune would be just the fourth Japanese motion picture celebrity to receive that honor—following Hayakawa Sesshū, Iwamatsu Mako, and Godzilla.(*1) A typical shot of the actor on set d…

Five Films from the 1950sNippon.com Staff

The 1950s is looked back on as a golden age for Japanese cinema, producing a host of great films from major directors. This was also the first time films from Japan came to the attention of an international audience after Rashōmon, directed by Kurosawa Akira, won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1951. Among the string of classics with which Kurosawa Akira made his name, none is …

In Search of Ozu YasujirōOkada Hidenori

Film director Ozu Yasujirō died on December 12, 1963―his sixtieth birthday. Over the course of the 50 years that have passed since then, numerous attempts have been made to interpret his works. What is it about Ozu’s films that captivates scholars and cinephiles around the world? Okada Hidenori looks at the evolving appreciation of Ozu's films and explores their enduring appeal.

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