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A Greater Share for the Japanese SharehouseSophie Knight

In a bid to reverse the damage to community ties wrought by the increase in single and two-person households over the past three decades, a growing number of people in Japan are embracing collective living arrangements in an echo of the global “sharing economy.”

Nailing a Fashion Trend

The past decade has seen an explosion of interest in nail art among Japanese women. The number of nail salons and schools to train the “nailists” (as they are called) has skyrocketed. Here we take a look at this growing fashion trend.

Japan’s Deepening Social DividesYamada Masahiro

Despite what Japan’s falling fertility rate might suggest, there is a strong yearning among young people for a conventional family. Chūō University Professor Yamada Masahiro, who coined the term parasite singles for the many unmarried adults who continue to live with their parents, explains the family’s realities and prospects.

Cooking Up a Do-It-Yourself Lifestyle

Uotsuka Jinnosuke, an expert on food culture, has for many years espoused in books and lectures the virtues of living a waste-free life. His approach to daily life is a way of protesting the overconsumption that characterizes contemporary Japanese life, raising the question of what true affluence means.

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