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Freeze-Dried Food Lands on Earth: The Instant Offerings of Amano Foods

All you need is hot water and a few seconds to turn a compact block of freeze-dried food into a savory dish of stew, curry, or risotto. The Japanese company Amano Foods has been at the forefront of freeze-drying technology. We visited the company to learn more about the products it is developing.

Chinese Tourists in Japan: Return of the Big Spenders

As tension over the Senkaku Islands cools, Chinese tourists have been returning to Japan in large numbers, with over 1 million visiting the country in the first half of 2014. Chinese not only outnumber visitors from other countries but also outspend them, laying out large sums on trips and at stores. They are eager to buy made-in-Japan products, which have a reputation for high quality. And with their open wallets, they are becoming increasingly important customers for businesses in Japan.

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