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Japan’s Corporate Backseat DriversMori Kazuo

It has been common in Japan for retired executives to remain at their companies in loosely defined advisory roles. And some continue to exert influence on management. This distinctively Japanese practice is now under critical scrutiny.

Sharp Returns to TSE First Section (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 7 (Jiji Press)—Sharp Corp., now on track to reconstruct its operations, returned to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Thursday, about 16 months after its demotion to the TSE second section. The stock fetched the day's first quotation of ¥3,905, up ¥20 from Wednesday's closing on the second section. However, it lost momentum later to close down ¥80 at ¥3,805, extending…

Toshiba’s Continuing Struggle to Stave off BankruptcyImazawa Makoto

Electronics and machinery giant Toshiba Corp. continues to flounder after massive losses in its nuclear power business in the United States came to light in December 2016, plunging the corporation into negative net worth. Toshiba’s auditor gave only qualified approval of its business results for the fiscal year ending March 2017 due to a disagreement over how Toshiba handled the losses on its balance sheet, leading to a delay in announcing its annual earnings results and filing its annual securities report. To erase its negative net worth, the firm is in talks to sell Toshiba Memory Corp., its flash memory unit, but no agreement on a sale has been reached yet.

Japanese Women Face Tough Reality in Work and MarriageKawaguchi Akira

Despite much-trumpeted policies aiming to encourage female participation in the workforce, Japanese women must contend with both an economic gender gap and the gap between their aspirations and the reality for careers and marriage. Gender studies specialist Kawaguchi Akira assembles a range of data to analyze the situation for women in Japan today.

Can Sharp Pull Out of Its Nose-Dive?Mori Kazuo

While other Japanese electrical goods manufacturers enjoyed an upturn in fiscal 2014, Sharp posted a loss of over ¥200 billion. Yet its new medium-term management plan fails to include the structural reform it requires.

Japanese Companies Looking Outside the Fold for Executive TalentMori Kazuo

Recent moves by high-profile Japanese corporations to bring in outsiders to serve as chief executive are being hailed as a major shift from the longstanding Japanese tradition of promoting corporate executives from within. What is driving these unconventional appointments, and what are their chances for long-term success in Japan’s deeply entrenched business culture?

Corporate Executives Need to Engage with IT IssuesOno Ryuji

In my last article I looked at the tasks facing those in the position of chief information officer. When the CIO position does not function effectively, however, the issue boils down to a problem of management, not the individual ability of the CIO.  And when it comes to information technology issues, company executives tend to have little to say apart from asking whether things might be done in …

What is the Role of a Chief Information Officer?Ono Ryuji

More than half of Japan’s listed companies today have an executive whose title is Chief Information Officer. But CIOs have not lived up to the requirements of the title, failing to adequately serve other company executives and those outside IT departments, as I explained in my previous article. Even though CIOs have authority over the management and implementation of large-scale IT budgets, their …

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