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Margaret Thatcher
The Pressures of Change: The Office of Prime Minister in the United Kingdom and JapanTakayasu Kensuke

Although Japan and the United Kingdom both use a parliamentary system, the position of the prime minister differs significantly. As the role of the Japanese prime minister becomes increasingly important, political scientist Takayasu Kensuke looks at the weaknesses of the present system through a comparison with the situation in the United Kingdom.

Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady and JapanHosoya Yuichi

Although Margaret Thatcher kept a low profile during her final years, as she struggled with Alzheimer’s, media fascination with her life continued to keep her name in the public eye—not least in Japan, where the Iron Lady biopic was a big hit after its release in March 2012. Her death on April 8, 2013, at the age of 87, was a major news story in the Japanese media, more than 20 years after her tim…

The DPJ, the Bureaucrats, and the Policymaking ProcessMakihara Izuru

During its two years in power, the Democratic Party of Japan has sought to eradicate the LDP-era relationship between senior politicians and the bureaucracy. But excluding civil servants from the policymaking process has only led to confusion. Resolving this confusion should be a major priority for the new Noda administration, says Makihara Izuru, professor of public administration at the Graduate School of Law, Tōhoku University.

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