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Ministry of Justice
Building Tokyo: The Story Behind the Capital’s Red Brick LandmarksJames Singleton

The majestic burgundy facade of Tokyo Station has been stirring hearts since 1914. The broad structure on the Marunouchi side of the station remains one of the best-known examples of brick architecture produced during the Meiji (1868–1912) and Taishō (1912–26) eras, periods marked by heavy influence from the West. The design of the building is unquestionably European, but the characteristic ric…

Second-Generation Chief Justice a First for the Supreme CourtTsuchiya Hideo

New Chief Justice to the Supreme Court Terada Itsurō comes to the bench as cases on the constitutionality of Japan’s vote disparity reach the high court. All eyes are on how the former legal bureaucrat will rule.

A Judiciary System Guilty of InjusticeSano Shin’ichi

Confidence in Japan’s judiciary system has been shaken in recent years as false convictions come to light. One recent example is the 15-year imprisonment of a Nepalese man for a murder he did not commit. Sano Shin’ichi, a journalist who investigated the case, explains how an unjust verdict was reached and what the case reveals about Japan’s judiciary crisis.

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