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Spotify Aims to Revitalize Japan’s CD-Dominated Music MarketYamaguchi Norikazu

Music-streaming giant Spotify has launched its Japanese service. What impact is it likely to have on the distinctive local market, where CDs remain popular and can be rented from stores?

Bending Metal: Marty Friedman Takes on the Babymetal Invasion

Japanese idol group Babymetal have stormed onto the world heavy metal scene with a unique brand of music that combines established metal riffs and high-octane performances with anthems on such everyday themes as chocolate. Legendary heavy metal guitarist and long-time resident of Japan Marty Friedman argues that, love or hate them, the trio is giving the long-established genre a needed shakeup.

Japan’s Music Industry: Back on Its Downward TrackIan Martin

In February 2013, the international recording industry body IFPI released its annual Digital Music Report. The statistics in this report sent a buzz around the music world: bucking a global trend of gradual decline, the Japanese music business had actually posted growth figures for 2012. Not only that, the growth had been largely driven by that supposedly doomed format, the CD. What was the secret…

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