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Japan Pledges ¥10 Billion to Aid Myanmar’s Ethnic Minorities

The Japanese government recently pledged to provide ¥10 billion in aid to support peacebuilding efforts in Myanmar between the central government and armed ethnic minority groups. Food and medicine will be distributed to areas affected by armed conflict.

Japan’s Admission to the TPP Talks, Aung San Suu Kyi’s VisitShiraishi Takashi

On April 12 the Japanese and US governments successfully concluded their bilateral consultations concerning Japan’s participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. In addition to confirming the objective set forth in their February 22 joint statement of “achieving a comprehensive, high-standard agreement, as described in the Outlines of the TPP Agreement,” the two governments agreed…

Delegation of Myanmar’s Ethnic Minority Groups Visits Prime Minister Abe

Members of the United Nationalities Federal Council, a coalition of 11 of the armed ethnic minority groups in Myanmar, paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Abe Shinzō on April 2, 2013. This was the first meeting of its kind between UNFC members and a Japanese prime minister.

Abe’s Visit to Southeast Asia and Japan’s Five New Diplomatic PrinciplesShiraishi Takashi

From January 16 to 18, Prime Minister Abe Shinzō visited Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia; this visit to Southeast Asia was his first international trip since taking office on December 26. On the first day of his trip, Abe flew to Vietnam, where he met with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in Hanoi. The two leaders agreed to promote bilateral cooperation through trade and investment in areas incl…

Asia Diplomacy in President Obama’s Second TermSuzuki Yoshikatsu

During their first term in office, US presidents have a tendency to focus on reelection. In their second term, they begin to think about their future place in history. President Barack Obama is unlikely to be an exception in this respect, although as the nation’s first black president his name is already written in the history books. His administration faces a number of domestic issues, many of wh…

The Road to True Democracy in Myanmar

Myanmar’s recent progress toward democracy has been remarkable, attracting media coverage around the world. But the country still has some major hurdles to overcome, most notably the ongoing armed conflicts between ethnic minority groups and the central government. Sasakawa Yōhei, recently appointed Japan’s ambassador for the welfare of ethnic minorities in Myanmar, sat down for an interview with Nippon.com to discuss Myanmar’s ethnic strife and ways to facilitate a peace settlement.

China’s External Economic Cooperation: Ties to the Mekong RegionKitano Naohiro

China’s rapid economic development has been matched by its increasing overseas assistance to Asia and other parts of the world. Kitano Naohiro of the Japan International Cooperation Agency takes a look at China’s international economic ties, focusing on its cooperation with countries in the Mekong region.

The Rise of China and Its Significance for East AsiaShiraishi Takashi

What does the rise of China really mean for the other countries of East Asia? In this essay, Shiraishi Takashi, editor-in-chief of Nippon.com and president of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, stresses the need for a multifaceted perspective.

Revision of the Three Principles on Arms Exports, Assistance for MyanmarShiraishi Takashi

At a meeting on April 10 between Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko and his visiting British counterpart, David Cameron, the two leaders agreed that Japan and Britain would work on joint development of defense equipment. The agreement was grounded in a policy change announced December 27, 2011 concerning a revision of the Three Principles on Arms Exports, which had previously precluded such joint under…

Japan’s Diplomatic Agenda for the Asia-PacificSuzuki Yoshikatsu

The year 2012 marks the start of efforts to build a new order in the Asia-Pacific region. The world faces a number of difficult issues and situations whose outcome is in doubt: the Arab Spring, the European crisis, Iran’s nuclear program, and the outlook for North Korea after the death of Kim Jong-il. Now is the time for writing new rules and formulating new frameworks for an era of change. Things…

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