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The Illusion of “Rising Nationalism”: Internationalism and Xenophobia in Today’s JapanKarube Tadashi

Both in Japan and overseas, journalists have been expressing concern about the rise of nationalism under Prime Minister Abe Shinzō. A political scientist questions the validity of these worries.

Who “Owns” Okinawa?Nagamoto Tomohiro

As they press their claim to the Senkaku Islands, the Chinese have recently taken to questioning Japan’s sovereignty over Okinawa, formerly the Ryūkyū Kingdom. How do the Okinawans feel about this situation? A veteran local journalist offers a view from Naha.

China’s Foreign Policy at a CrossroadsKawashima Shin

Specialist in China’s modern Chinese diplomacy and Nippon.com editorial committee member Kawashima Shin takes us through some of the recent adjustments to China’s foreign policy, with a view to the path ahead.

The Importance of Maritime SecurityKawashima Shin

Attention is turning toward the East Asia Summit that will take place in November, with the leaders of the United States and Russia in attendance. Soon after taking office, Japan’s new prime minister Noda Yoshihiko announced that he intended to shelve the government’s East Asian Community initiative. Now he is saying that he will use the East Asia Summit to deliver proposals of his own on maritime…

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