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Niigata Company Keeps Local “Geigi” Culture Alive (News)

Niigata, Jan. 10 (Jiji Press)—Niigata-based Ryūto Shinkō, the first Japanese company to train and dispatch geigi traditional female entertainers to event venues, has marked the thirtieth year since its establishment. Geigi, also known as geisha or geiko, working for the company perform dances and play music at party halls in the city almost every day. Geigi affiliated with Niigata's Ryūto S…

Tōjirō Knives: Bringing the Tsubame Brand of Cutting Quality to Global Kitchens

Tsubame in Niigata Prefecture is a small city of 80,000 people, but it produces some of Japan’s leading metalwork products. Today Tsubame has teamed up with the neighboring city of Sanjō to produce the Tsubame Sanjō brand of products, taking advantage of the area’s advanced techniques and skill. We visited knife maker Tōjirō and the Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum to learn how the local metalworking industry has developed.

The True Story of the Downed Dakota

In 2013, a year that marks 400 years of exchange between Japan and Britain, a little-known incident involving the two nations that occurred five months after the end of World War II has been made into a motion picture: Fly, Dakota, Fly! directed by Aburatani Seiji and starring Higa Manami in her first lead role.

Fuji Rock: A World of Music On DisplayIan Martin

A divide runs through the music business in Japan. It’s most obviously apparent in record stores where locally produced “J-Pop” and overseas music are strictly separated, often to the point of being placed on different floors, but it also exists in the live music arena, where overseas touring bands rarely get the chance to interact with the local music scene and the fan bases of domestic and forei…

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