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Lower Price of Fukushima Rice Shifts Demand to Commercial Sector

As individual consumers turned away from the once-prized Fukushima rice after the 2011 nuclear disaster, the drop in price brought an uptake in purchasing from the commercial sector.

No Way Home: The Inescapable Plight of One Fukushima CommunityTom Gill

The story of Nagadoro, a small hamlet in the Fukushima nuclear disaster zone, offers a hint to the fate of the area’s other displaced communities.

Japan’s Humanoid Robots Nearly Ready for Primetime?

After a stagnant period, Japan’s robot industry is getting a second wind. One researcher at the forefront of R&D in this field is Shimizu Masaharu of the Chiba Institute of Technology. Here he shares his views on the current state of robotic technology and the outlook for the future.

Samurai Spirit Still Animates JapanHosoda Haruko

In October this year, Spain’s prestigious Prince of Asturias Award of Concord was bestowed on the “heroes of Fukushima” who fought to bring the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station under control. In attendance at the award ceremony were representatives of Japan’s Self Defence Forces, fire-fighters, and police officers, all of whom worked to cool down the reactors and evacuate near…

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