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Pharmacists in Ōita Create Guidebook for Drinkable Spa Water (News)

Ōita, Feb. 1 (Jiji Press)—Pharmacists in Ōita Prefecture have compiled a guidebook introducing local fountains of drinkable spa water in the prefecture richest in Japan in onsen hot springs and spa water output. The guidebook, created by the Ōita Pharmaceutical Association, is intended to publicize the benefits of drinking onsen water, not only bathing in it. The culture of drinking onsen wa…

Old-School and New-Wave: Two Tokyo Bathhouses

Our look at two bathhouses in northern Tokyo: Takarayu preserves a classic atmosphere from when it was founded 90 years ago, while Taiheiyu was a pioneer in a new wave of modern sentō.

Bathhouse Basics: How to Enjoy a Japanese “Sentō”

Comedian and bathhouse enthusiast Furo Wakuzō offers tips on enjoying a soak at a traditional sentō and basic etiquette when doing so.

Funds Sought for “Spa-musement Park” in Japan’s Beppu (News)

Beppu, Oita Pref., Feb. 10 (Jiji Press)—The famous Japanese spa resort of Beppu started raising money through crowdfunding on Friday for a project to operate a "spa-musement park," where people will ride on a merry-go-round, a roller coaster or a Ferris wheel while soaking in hot spring water. The southwestern city of Beppu, the largest hot spring resort in Japan in terms of water flow per minu…

Night Scenes in Japan (Photos)Malta Atsushi (Photographs)/Marumaru Motoo (Text)

Japan is enjoying an ongoing boom in yakei, the appreciation of nighttime scenery, which has become a popular form of tourism in its own right. The bright lights of urban landscapes are especially popular, but there are many variations, from factories to hot springs.

“Ryokan” (Traditional Inns)

Ryokan offer guests the chance to enjoy traditional Japanese accommodation, cuisine, and other customs. Long popular with domestic tourists, they are now attracting a growing number of international visitors.

Soaking up the Benefits: Japan’s Hot Springs TraditionMatsuda Tadanori

Japanese people have loved onsen since ancient times for the comfort they bring to mind and body. We introduce the beauty benefits and anti-ageing effects offered by hot springs while examining the relationship between the Japanese people and onsen.

Professor Onsen’s Top Hot SpringsMatsuda Tadanori

Japan is blessed with over 3,000 onsen (hot-spring) areas, but here we look at 12 specially selected by Matsuda Tadanori, a leading expert who has been dubbed “Professor Onsen.” These are hot spring destinations whose invigorating waters and age-old traditions set them apart.

Hot Springs and Snow Monkeys: Four Seasons in “Hell Valley” (Photos)Kobayashi Hideki (Photographer)

Japanese macaques are unusual among monkeys in preferring a cold habitat to a tropical or subtropical one. Like most Japanese, these “snow monkeys” like nothing more than soaking in a hot-spring bath in winter. Here we showcase Kobayashi Hideki’s photos of these endearing creatures.

Hopeful Signs: Renewable Energy from Geothermal and Solar Power

In the wake of 3/11, people are looking increasingly to renewables to provide their electricity. While solar power had been popular even before the disaster, geothermal energy has not reached even a small fraction of its potential. We examine the reasons for this development gap.

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