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Japan Patrol Vessel Donation to Help Palau Counter Maritime ThreatsNojima Tsuyoshi

The waters around Palau are connected to Japan’s national security. With this in mind, the Nippon Foundation recently donated a new 40-meter patrol boat to help the small Pacific nation enhance maritime security in the area surrounding Micronesia.

“Palau and Japan Are Like Brothers”: An Interview with President Tommy RemengesauNojima Tsuyoshi

We sat down with the President of Palau, Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr., to talk about the country’s amicable relationship with Japan, national security, diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and future plans for tourism.

Timeline for April 2015

Prime Minister Abe addresses the US Congress, the imperial couple visits World War II monuments in Palau, and a Japanese maglev train breaks the world speed record. These are the key Japanese news stories of April 2015.

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