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Naming the PandasNippon.com Staff

A panda cub at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo has been seizing Japanese headlines ever since its birth in June 2017. Amid much fanfare, its name was announced on September 25 as Shan Shan. Or should that be Xiang Xiang? As symbols of Sino-Japanese cooperation, the animals’ names fall into something of a gray area between the two languages. Ueno Zoo now has three pandas. The cub’s mother is Shin Shin and the …

Three Cheers for Shan Shan: Ueno Zoo’s Panda Cub Gets a Name (Japan in Photos)

An employee of doll maker Kyūgetsu holds a banner celebrating the naming of Ueno Zoo’s giant panda cub in front of a display of stuffed panda dolls at the company’s main shop in Tokyo on September 25, 2017. The metropolitan government announced the name of the female cub born in June as Shan Shan in Japanese, or Xiang Xiang in Chinese, based on the repeated character 香, meaning fragrance. (© J…

Ueno Zoo Issues Update on Baby Giant Panda (News)

Tokyo, Aug. 22 (Jiji Press)—Tokyo's Ueno Zoo said Tuesday that the female cub born to the zoo's giant panda, Shin Shin, moves her head to follow objects in motion near her, suggesting she can recognize things in front of her. According to the zoo, Monday's body measurement showed that the cub is growing steadily, weighing 3,756.4 grams and reaching 47.9 centimeters long, up from 3,010.4 grams a…

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