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From Local Juggernaut to National Leader—Can Hashimoto Make the Leap?Machidori Satoshi

Osaka Mayor Hashimoto Tōru is one of several dynamic young local leaders bent on building a national organization capable of making a splash in the next general election. Analyzing this phenomenon in the context of Japan’s dual political system, Machidori Satoshi asks whether the charismatic, confrontational style that has served Hashimoto and his ilk so well at the local level can translate into success in the national arena.

“Iron Triangle” of Policymaking Persists Under DPJ GovernmentMasuzoe Yōichi

What is the process for deciding on policy in Japan? Who has the most power when it comes to determining policy—politicians, bureaucrats, or special interest groups?  This question was examined by numerous scholars during the long period of rule by the Liberal Democratic Party. Their research unearthed certain patterns. Under the Policy Affairs Research Council of the LDP during its rule, commi…

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