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Dainichidō Bugaku: Ritual Dances in the Chill of Winter (Photos)Chikura Yukari

Amid deep snow, on the second day of the year, people from four northern Japanese villages gather to perform ritual dances known as Dainichidō Bugaku. These photos convey the atmosphere surrounding a tradition that dates back 1,300 years.

Graveside Portraits of Japanese Families (Photos)Itō Masayo (Photographs)

What thoughts go through people’s heads when they visit the graves of loved ones? What news do they wish to share with their departed relatives? These photographs show Japanese families gathered together at cemeteries where they have gone to pay their respects.

One Man and His Cats in Fukushima (Photos)Ota Yasusuke (Photographs)

Matsumura Naoto has been looking after all kinds of abandoned animals in Fukushima since residents evacuated following the disaster of March 11, 2011. In 2013, he adopted two kittens that have become his constant companions. Photographer Ota Yasusuke captures their everyday antics in a series of lively images.

Japan’s Castles Stir Memories of Feudal Past (Photos)Yamashita Shigeki (Photographer)

Japan’s castles, mainly built by powerful regional leaders in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century, are among the country’s top tourist attractions. In this collection, photographer Yamashita Shigeki captures the rich variety of Japanese castles in all their majesty.

Fujifilm Finds New Life in Cosmetics

Fujifilm has launched a new line of cosmetics developed using the company’s film-related technologies. Cosmetics and film may seem like unrelated industries, but Fujifilm found a way to tap into a surprising synergy between them.

Enjoying Life One Day at a Time: A Grandma and Her Cat (Photos)Ihara Miyoko (Photographer)

Ihara Misao lives a peaceful life in the countryside with her beloved cat, Fukumaru. Her granddaughter Miyoko recently published a charming collection of photographs of the two inseparable friends that has struck a chord with people all over Japan.

Cherry Blossom Landscapes (Photos)Saitō Ryōichi (Photographer)

Cherry blossoms have a special significance for the Japanese. Since ancient times, people’s hearts have soared as the cherry trees come into bloom, heralding the return of spring. Photographer Saitō Ryōichi has traveled the length and breadth of the archipelago to compile this collection of images encapsulating the joys of the Japanese spring.

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