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Notable Deaths in 2016

Remembering major Japanese figures who passed away in 2016, including sumō star Chiyonofuji, theater director Ninagawa Yukio, and Takahito, Prince Mikasa.

Kitagami Keirō, Vice Minister of Economy, Trade, and IndustryTakenaka Harukata

This second installment in our series of interviews with rising Japanese politicians introduces Kitagami Keirō, vice minister of economy, trade, and industry. Kitagami reflects on his experiences since joining the cabinet and his ideas for how to reform Japanese politics.

The DPJ, the Bureaucrats, and the Policymaking ProcessMakihara Izuru

During its two years in power, the Democratic Party of Japan has sought to eradicate the LDP-era relationship between senior politicians and the bureaucracy. But excluding civil servants from the policymaking process has only led to confusion. Resolving this confusion should be a major priority for the new Noda administration, says Makihara Izuru, professor of public administration at the Graduate School of Law, Tōhoku University.

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