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population decline
Regional Revitalization and the Market: An Interview with Kinoshita Hitoshi

How can Japan revive its struggling local economies in the face of depopulation and severed budget constraints? Speaking from long personal and professional experience, Kinoshita Hitoshi calls for a shift from subsidy-dependent community development to a sustainable model driven by private enterprise.

Ama: A Remote Island Community Shows It Can Win the Fight Against DeclineUno Shigeki

A small island township of just 2,300 residents off the Shimane coast is often cited as a standout example of regional revival. How has Ama, once a depopulated hamlet facing bankruptcy, been able to reverse its fortunes and build a vibrant community that is luring young people from urban areas?

Lessons from Hokkaidō: Coping with Rapid Demographic ChangeYamazaki Mikine

Four in five municipalities in Hokkaidō are expected to see their population decline by 30% or more over the next quarter century. How are they preparing for such potentially decimating demographic changes? A number of them have come up with unique solutions.

Scarecrows Stand Watch over Village on Borrowed TimeHarano Jōji

At first glance, they look much like people, and the village seems to be full of residents going about their daily business. These particular locals are not people, though, but scarecrows. The mannequins outnumber the village’s 40 or so human residents by more than two to one, and on the surface—with their own distinctive personalities—do create a rather cheerful atmosphere. But in the context of …

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