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Ramadan in Japan: A Day in the Life of a Muslim Businessman

Ramadan this year fell during the summer, when the days are longest. For Muslims in Japan, this meant fasting for more than 16 hours a day, a special challenge in Japan's corporate culture. In this close-up of a day in the life of a Muslim businessman, we see how he and his employer are meeting such challenges.

“Omikuji” and “Ema”

Shrines and temples offer paper fortunes known as omikuji that predict the purchaser’s luck for the year ahead. Visitors may also write their prayers for exam success or other favorable outcomes on wooden tablets called ema.

“Hatsumōde”: Crowds Gather for the New Year’s First PrayersNippon.com Staff

Two things that could be said to characterize holidays in Japan are crowds and queues. Be it the snaking, slow-moving lines for the most popular Disneyland attractions during the summer break, or the multitudes that throng every park during the spring hanami season, expect to see people, and lots of them. New Year’s Day is no exception. In contrast to the ghost-town tone of many cities in other p…

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