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The Ultimate Bowl of Rice

Rice expert Nishijima Toyozō answers questions on how to prepare a delicious bowl, with tips on the best way to choose, cook, and serve the rice. Nishijima owns Suzunobu, a rice shop in Tokyo with one of the biggest selections in the country.

Rice from the Mountainside

The top award for the Best Rice competition in 2010 went to a little-known name rather than a nationally established brand. We spoke with the producers of the rice—Tosa Tenkū no Sato Nikomaru, or “Nikomaru of Tosa, Home of the Heavens”—which is grown on terraced paddies in the mountains of Kōchi Prefecture.

The Road to Japan’s Top Rice

A number of new varieties of rice are posing a formidable challenge to the established, high-grade Koshihikari brand. Prominent among them are the newcomers from Hokkaidō. How was a region unsuited to rice cultivation able to develop what may become the finest rice in the land?

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