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Princess Mononoke
Miyazaki Hayao: Preserving the Memory of Leprosy

On January 28, anime director Miyazaki Hayao spoke at a leprosy symposium about how he learned about the disease, how this influenced the making of the film Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke), and how he supports efforts to ensure that the hardships and prejudice leprosy sufferers faced are not forgotten.

Nature and Asian Pluralism in the Work of Miyazaki HayaoSugita Shunsuke

While the animation of Miyazaki Hayao is regarded by many as quintessentially Japanese, Sugita Shunsuke argues that Miyazaki’s real legacy is a creative idiom that rejects both national insularity and global homogeneity in favor of a complex, pluralistic, and fundamentally Eastern view of nature.

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