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Almost Half of Refugee Status Seekers in Japan in Their Twenties (News)

Tokyo, March 23 (Jiji Press)—Nearly half of foreigners who applied for refugee status in Japan in 2017 were in their twenties, the Justice Ministry said Friday. The number of applicants came to 19,629, up 8,728 from the previous year and up 1 from the preliminary figure released in February, the ministry said. Of the total, men and women in their twenties accounted for 48% and 46%, respectiv…

Japan to Fight Misuse of Refugee Program (News)

Tokyo, Jan. 12 (Jiji Press)—The Justice Ministry said Friday that it will take steps to address a rise in people seeking work in Japan by abusing its refugee protection program. The ministry will not provide work permits to applicants who do not meet the conditions for refugee status in preliminary screenings, starting with applications to be submitted on Monday. At present, the ministry all…

Syrian Refugees to Study at Graduate Schools in Japan from Autumn (News)

Tokyo, Aug. 22 (Jiji Press)—A first batch of 20 Syrian refugees will be admitted to graduate schools in Japan this autumn under a Japanese government initiative announced last year. In May 2016, Prime Minister Abe Shinzō pledged to invite a total of 150 Syrian refugees in five years to study in Japan, in response to the 2015 refugee crisis in Europe. The Japan International Cooperation Agency w…

Refugee Applications in Japan January–September Exceed 7,900 (News)

Tokyo, Nov. 25 (Jiji Press)—The number of foreigners who applied for refugee status in Japan reached 7,926 from January through September, surpassing the record high for the entire previous year, Justice Minister Kaneda Katsutoshi said on Friday. The nine-month preliminary figure exceeded the previous annual high of 7,586 marked in 2015. "A considerable number of applications seem to have be…

Timeline for January 2016

The Nikkei index falls to its lowest level since October 2014, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visit the Philippines, and Minister for Economic Revitalization Amari Akira announces his resignation. These are the main Japan-related stories of January 2016.

Japan’s Closed-Door Refugee Policy

Few nations are as generous as Japan in financing international relief efforts for persons displaced by war, civil strife, and natural disasters. Conversely, few nations are as miserly as Japan in providing physical asylum to refugees. Resolving this incongruity is a central issue for Japan in shaping a viable refugee policy.

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