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Farm-to-Table in Fukushima: Local Chef Serves up Fresh-Picked Treasures

Chef Hagi Harutomo has received regional, national, and international recognition for his creative cooking spotlighting luscious fresh-picked heirloom vegetables and other agricultural products from Fukushima Prefecture. We visited him at his French restaurant in Iwaki, where he offers the ultimate farm-to-table dining experience to no more than one party per day.

Revival of Japan’s Wild Game CuisineUehara Yoshiko

The mountainous regions of Japan have a long tradition of eating wild game. And in recent years this tradition has been enjoying a revival as more and more restaurants make use of venison and other wild meats. This article takes a look at the past and present of this little known aspect of Japanese cuisine.

Japanese Cuisine Behind the Iron CurtainIrmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit

Imagine a small town in a mountainous region of central Europe containing roughly 30,000 inhabitants, located more than 300 kilometers from the capital, and isolated from the general flow of information, travel, and international goods exchange due to being located in the German Democratic Republic—the former East Germany. To open a Japanese restaurant in such a place under such economic conditi…

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