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A Market-Driven Model of Regional RevitalizationKinoshita Hitoshi

How can Japan revive its struggling local economies in the face of depopulation and severed budget constraints? Speaking from long personal and professional experience, Kinoshita Hitoshi calls for a shift from subsidy-dependent community development to a sustainable model driven by private enterprise.

Japanese Convenience Store Installs Lifeboat Against Tsunami (News)

Minamichita, Aichi Pref., May 9 (Jiji Press)—A Seven-Eleven Japan Co. convenience store in Minamichita, a town on the southern tip of the Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture, has installed a lifeboat for use in the event of a tsunami. This move is part of preparations for a huge tsunami as high as 9.5 meters that is predicted to hit the central Japan town if a powerful temblor occurs in the ear…

Japanese Electronics Retailer Bic Camera to Accept Bitcoins (News)

Tokyo, April 5 (Jiji Press)—Major Japanese electronics retailer Bic Camera Inc. said Wednesday it will start accepting bitcoin payments at some stores, mainly to attract foreign visitors who use the virtual currency. Shoppers will become able to pay in bitcoins when their smartphones read two-dimensional barcodes to be shown on displays at Bic Camera stores. Customers can pay a maximum of ¥1…

Convenience Stores in Japan

Japanese convenience stores—known as konbini—offer food, drink, and daily products as well as a wide range of services, including allowing customers to pay utility bills, buy event tickets, and pick up delivery items.

Electronics Chains in Japan

Electronics stores in major Japanese cities can be huge, with an incredible variety of goods spread across multiple floors.

Supermarkets in Japan

Japanese supermarkets range from small neighborhood outlets stocked with daily items to sprawling stores offering a wide selection of food and other products. Many attract customers with special offers and dishes freshly made in-store.

Convenience Stores Going to Customers’ Doors: New Food Delivery Services Targeting Seniors

Seven-Eleven and other major Japanese convenience store chains are entering the food delivery market. By distributing products directly to customers, Seven-Meal Service is aiming to reach the elderly and other “shopping refugees” who cannot easily get to convenience stores.

Doing Business in China: A Japanese Retailer Puts Down Local Roots

Ito-Yokado, a major Japanese retailer, entered the Chinese market in 1997 and has achieved good results from its policy of putting down local roots. We spoke to the head of Ito-Yokado’s China operations about his experiences and thoughts on doing business in this challenging and fast-developing market.

Convenience Stores Cut Themselves More of the PieRichard Medhurst

Last week, the world’s first combined convenience store and karaoke venue opened in Tokyo. It’s tempting to imagine customers grabbing a turn at the mic as they pop in for a carton of milk, but that isn’t really the business plan. The karaoke parlor is at the core of this collaboration between FamilyMart and the Karaoke Dam chain. By remodeling to include space for the convenience store, the par…

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