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Japan-Russia Team Finds Fully Preserved Bodies of Extinct Lion (News)

Tokyo, Nov. 16 (Jiji Press)—A team of Japanese and Russian scientists have announced the discovery of three fully preserved frozen cub bodies of the cave lion, a predator species that became extinct 10,000 years ago. The team is the first in the world that has found any fully preserved body of the species. Previously, only skeletons and footprints were discovered. The discovery enables resea…

The Secret Alliance with Japan Shattered by the Russian RevolutionVassili Molodiakov

The Russian Revolution of 1917 changed the world. One of its little-known consequences was the destruction of a newly minted alliance with Japan, which could have changed the balance of power in Asia. It was also the closest diplomatic relationship the two countries had ever enjoyed. This article, first written for the centenary of the July 1916 treaty, looks at how it came to be signed.

Ex-Residents Visit Family Graves on Disputed Islets by Air (News)

Kushiro, Hokkaido, Sept. 23 (Jiji Press)—Former Japanese residents of disputed Russian-held islands visited family graves there on Saturday after traveling aboard a chartered plane from Hokkaidō. A former resident of the Japan-claimed northern islands prays before an altar at an Etorofu graveyard on September 23, 2017. (© Jiji) This marked the first air trip by former islanders to any of th…

Japanese Tourism Official Pins Hopes on Joint Isle Development with Russia (News)

Rausu, Hokkaido (Jiji Press)—Ikegami Miho, who works at a tourism association in Hokkaidō, pins high hopes on possible joint development between Japan and Russia of the four northwestern Pacific islands at the center of a bilateral territorial dispute. Ikegami Miho, at center, poses with other Japanese visitors and Russian hosts at a home in the Kunashiri town of Furukappu (Yuzhno-Kurilsk) on …

Abe, Putin Agree to Send Joint Mission to Disputed Isles in May (News)

Moscow, April 27 (Jiji Press)—Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzō and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed on Thursday that the two countries will send a joint public-private survey mission to northwestern Pacific islands at the center of the two countries' territorial row as early as in May as part of efforts to materialize joint economic activities there. At their 17th summit, held about th…

Lafcadio Hearn and the Lessons of Jūdō: Leveraging an Opponent’s StrengthSanada Hisashi

The writer Lafcadio Hearn helped to introduce jūdō to the world after encountering the martial art through his friendship with its founder, Kanō Jigorō. Hearn was captivated by the jūdō principle of making use of an opponent’s strength. He saw this martial art as a reflection of how Japan was able to flexibly assimilate the strengths of foreign cultures.

Kishida Vows to Build Close Ties with New US Government (News)

Tokyo, Jan. 20 (Jiji Press)—Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio expressed the government's eagerness on Friday to build close relations with the new US administration led by Donald Trump. "With protectionism and inward-looking leanings intensifying globally, international order based on the rule of law faces challenges," Kishida said in a foreign policy speech to a plenary meeting of the H…

Putin Visit a Historic Step Forward for Japan-Russia RelationsSatō Masaru

Prime Minister Abe Shinzō hosted Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 15 and 16 at a summit that saw the two leaders agree to begin talks on joint economic activities in the Northern Territories. Media reports in Japan have generally portrayed the talks as having failed to resolve the bilateral dispute over islands off Hokkaidō, but former diplomat and Russian expert Satō Masaru considers the summit an important step forward for Japan-Russia relations.

Abe Hopes to Visit Russia Early Next Year (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 20 (Jiji Press)—Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzō Tuesday expressed his wish to visit Russia early next year to hold a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin again. "We have no other way than directing the territorial issue to a solution while shaping a vision of a win-win future," Abe said in a speech at a conference hosted by the Research Institute of Japan, a Jiji Press a…

Japan, Russia Agree on Large-Scale Economic Cooperation (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 16 (Jiji Press)—Japan and Russia signed economic cooperation agreements in a wide range of fields on Friday that involve massive economic assistance from Japan to Russia. The agreements, based on an eight-point economic cooperation plan proposed by Japan, cover 12 intergovernmental and 68 private-sector programs. The number of private-sector programs is nearly double the initially p…

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