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Fraud on the Line: Japan’s Persistent Telephone ScamsNishida Kimiaki

“Telephone scams,” in which criminals defraud their marks over the phone, show no sign of abating in Japan. Authorities have fought back against these incidents through public awareness campaigns, but have been matched by crafty perpetrators who quickly adopt new techniques to dupe their victims. Nishida Kimiaki analyzes the psychological factors at play on the victims’ side and looks at what is behind the persistent problem.

100,000 Elderly Drivers Return Licenses in January–May (News)

Tokyo (Jiji Press)—About 106,000 people aged 75 or older voluntarily returned their driver's licenses in Japan in the first five months of 2017, a much faster pace than a year earlier. In March, the revised Road Traffic Act came into force, introducing tougher tests to detect signs of dementia among elderly drivers renewing their licenses. During all of 2016, a total of some 162,000 drivers age…

How Safe is Japan?

In 2013, the number of foreign visitors to Japan topped 10 million for the first time. The government has set a target of 20 million visitors for 2020, when the Summer Olympics come to Tokyo. With safety a primary concern for international travelers, how safe is Japan compared with other countries?

What I Think About When I Think About FukushimaWoody Epstein

Learning lessons the hard way from the Fukushima disaster, the Japanese government implemented new safety requirements for nuclear plants on July 8. Risk assessment consultant Woody Epstein shared his thoughts on the Fukushima accident and the use of nuclear energy at a symposium in Hiroshima in March 2013. Here we present excerpts from his speech.

Aiya: Innovation and Tradition Bring Matcha to the World

The city of Nishio in Aichi Prefecture is Japan’s foremost producer of matcha, the finest of all Japanese green teas. We visit the region’s top producer to hear about how quality and safety have helped it bring matcha to a new range of consumers around the world.

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