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Saitama Prefecture
Building a Dragon God (Photo Gallery)Munakata Satoshi (Photographs)

It takes a day and a half to construct the giant dragon god used in the Suneori Amagoi Festival. See how it happens with our photographs.

Dragon God Brings the Rain at Saitama Festival

Every four years residents of a Saitama city construct a giant dragon god and carry it through the streets in a rainmaking festival whose roots date back to the seventeenth century.

Tokyo’s New Restaurant Train Offers Haute Cuisine on Wheels

Seibu Railway has launched a restaurant train service between Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture. Lovers of fine cuisine and rail travel can tuck into a gourmet meal as they watch the landscape unfold.

Soaring Dragons: Homemade Rockets Take Flight at Ryūsei FestivalJames Singleton

Each year in early October the skies above the Muku Shrine in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, come to life with the fire, roars, and smoke of dragons. The appearance of these legendary creatures marks the climax of the Ryūsei Matsuri, a festival with roots stretching back over 400 years. The dragons are primitive rockets known as ryūsei, fashioned by hand from such materials as pine, bamboo, …

Fluffy Mascots on the Loose in SaitamaMichael Schauerte

Japan is home to an astounding number of promotional mascots, or yuru kyara. In late November a “summit” held in Hanyū, Saitama Prefecture, brought together over 200 mascots, tens of thousands of fans, and one puzzled American trying to make sense of it all.

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