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What’s for Lunch? A Japanese School Meal from 1952 (Japan in Photos)

A typical Japanese school lunch from 1952 represented by replica food on display at the School Lunch Historical Museum in Kitamoto, Saitama Prefecture. The meal consists of a bun with jam, fried whale with cabbage, and skimmed milk made from powder. (© Jiji)

Why Rice Is Vanishing from Japanese TablesIwamura Nobuko

Japanese families are spending more on bread than rice for the first time ever, according to recent government findings. Iwamura Nobuko draws on the survey her own team has administered for the past 15 years to explain the historical and cultural factors underlying this shift.

Power Lunch at Japanese SchoolsMichael Schauerte

School lunch in Japan is about more than just providing kids with a nutritious and tasty meal; another aim is to foster healthy eating habits that will benefit them throughout life. An American editor at Nippon.com traveled to Hirayama Elementary School, on the western edge of Tokyo, to learn more about school lunch in Japan.

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