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Majority of Japanese Tolerant of Physical Discipline on Children: NGO Survey (News)

Tokyo, Feb. 15 (Jiji Press)—A majority of Japanese people are tolerant of physically disciplining children, according to a recent survey by nongovernmental organization Save the Children Japan. Of 20,000 respondents aged 20 or older in the online survey last July, 56.7% took a tolerant attitude toward physical discipline, including 1.2% who said it should be "actively imposed," according to the…

Armani Uniforms for Tokyo Schoolchildren Meet Criticism (News)

Tokyo, Feb. 9 (Jiji Press)—The decision by a public elementary school in central Tokyo's upscale Ginza district to recommend items from high-end Italian brand Armani for de-facto student uniforms has provoked complaints from some parents. Armani school uniform for boys proposed for Taimei Elementary School. (Courtesy Chūō Board of Education) The Armani clothes proposed by Taimei Elementary …

Record 226 School Staffers Punished in Japan for Obscenity (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 27 (Jiji Press)—A record 226 members of the teaching staff at public schools in Japan were disciplined for acts of obscenity or sexual harassment in fiscal 2016 (April 2016–March 2017), up two from the previous year, an education ministry survey showed Wednesday. An increasing number of such cases were linked to social networking sites and emails, according to the survey. Overall…

Japan Audit Questions Discount in Government Land Sale to Moritomo (News)

Tokyo, Nov. 22 (Jiji Press)—The Board of Audit of Japan on Wednesday questioned a huge discount given to scandal-tainted Moritomo Gakuen in the sale of a state-owned land plot in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, in 2016. The move deals a blow to Prime Minister Abe Shinzō's administration, which has insisted that the land sale was appropriate. The administration should now admit that there w…

What’s for Lunch? A Japanese School Meal from 1952 (Japan in Photos)

A typical Japanese school lunch from 1952 represented by replica food on display at the School Lunch Historical Museum in Kitamoto, Saitama Prefecture. The meal consists of a bun with jam, fried whale with cabbage, and skimmed milk made from powder. (© Jiji)

Go Gateball! Enthusiastic High Schoolers Revive a Fading Sport

Most people think of gateball as a leisurely sport for the elderly to while away a lazy afternoon. Yet even as older Japanese turn increasingly to more diverse pursuits, the popularity of this “made in Japan” competitive game has been edging up among younger Japanese, particularly high-school students. We visited Aomori Yamada High School, known for its strong sports program and world-class alumni athletes, to look in on one of its most recent additions, the Aomori Yamada Gateball Club.

60% of Junior High Teachers Hit Overwork Death Threshold (News)

Tokyo, April 28 (Jiji Press)—About 60% of teachers at public junior high schools in Japan worked at least 60 hours per week in fiscal 2016, beyond the dividing line used by the state for determining death from overwork, an education ministry survey revealed Friday. Compared with the previous survey conducted for fiscal 2006, work hours went up for all job titles at public elementary and junior …

Societywide Effort Needed to Address School BullyingArai Hajime

Bullying at schools in Japan has become harder to identify as students are often harassed through social-networking sites like Line. The author looks at the approaches necessary to protect children and students from becoming victims.

“Voluntary” After-School Duties Mean Japanese Teachers Are Busiest in the WorldUchida Ryō

Japanese teachers have the longest working hours in the world. One reason is the effectively mandatory responsibility to oversee students’ extracurricular activities.

One Look Suits All: Japan, Land of UniformsMitamura Fukiko

Japan is full of people in uniform, both at school and on the job. And then there are those who voluntarily don “pseudo-uniforms,” like the standardized suits of student job hunters. Why does the culture of the uniform have such a strong hold on the Japanese?

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