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Opposition-Backed Candidate Wins Sendai Mayoral Poll (News)

Sendai, Miyagi Pref., July 23 (Jiji Press)—Opposition-backed former House of Representatives lawmaker Kōri Kazuko won Sunday's mayoral election in the city of Sendai, the capital of Miyagi Prefecture, dealing another blow to Prime Minister Abe Shinzō's administration. First-time independent candidate Kōri, 60, supported by the Democratic Party and three other opposition parties, defeated compan…

Rehousing in Tōhoku: The Two Faces of ReconstructionKikuchi Masanori

The pace of recovery in the five years since the Tōhoku tsunami has varied by sector and locale. Big urban centers like Sendai have fared relatively well, and many local industries are making a comeback. Yet some 60,000 tsunami survivors—many of them elderly—remain in housing purgatory, especially in the region's smaller communities. Journalist Kikuchi Masanori continues his series on post-disaster recovery with a report on the reconstruction gap in Miyagi Prefecture.

Time to Stop Nursing the Nuclear Power IndustryYoshioka Hitoshi

The resumption of commercial operations at a nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture last September might seem to bode well for the comeback of nuclear energy in Japan after the nationwide shutdown precipitated by the 2011 Fukushima meltdown. But the author argues that the government’s policy of “long-term nursing care” for an unsustainable industry is merely delaying the inevitable while exposing the nation to unacceptable risks.

Slowing the Population Drain From Japan’s RegionsHitora Tadashi

Japan’s national government is finally starting to pay serious attention to the issue of regional depopulation. People continue to migrate from around the country to the three major metropolises, Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, where around half of the nation’s population is now concentrated. How major regional cities can act to counter this trend will have a great bearing on the shape of Japan’s future…

Tōhoku Baseball Fans Get a Champion Team to Call Their OwnJason Coskrey

On November 3, the Tōhoku Rakuten Golden Eagles won game 7 of the Japan Series to stand atop the Japanese baseball world for the first time. Their victory has meant more to residents of Tōhoku than simply a successful run for a corporate-sponsored team, though. Jason Coskrey looks at the regional bonds the team has forged since its 2004 launch.

Photography Exhibition: “Tōhoku—Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers”Iizawa Kōtarō

A photography exhibition on life and traditions in the Tōhoku region of Japan is now touring the world, spotlighting unfamiliar aspects of the region and its history. Iizawa Kōtarō, the exhibition’s curator, offers an overview of the exhibited works.

3/11 and the Aftermath (Photos)

March 11, 2011, was a day that stunned Japan and the entire world. These images of the aftermath provide an important reminder of how much rebuilding work remains to be done.

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