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Apple Loses Ground in Japanese Mobile Phone Market

Although Apple remained top of the Japanese mobile phone market in the second quarter of 2018, its share shrank after a striking recovery from Sharp.

Sharp’s Recovery Spotlights the Strength of Corporate Alliances Between Japan and TaiwanYuasa Kenji

Two years after undergoing restructuring as a subsidiary of Taiwan’s Foxconn, Sharp is making concrete efforts to return to a growth path, including acquiring Toshiba’s PC business. By contrasts, Toshiba, without a strong partner to support it, has repeatedly shed its business units.

Sharp Returns to TSE First Section

Tokyo, Dec. 7 (Jiji Press)—Sharp Corp., now on track to reconstruct its operations, returned to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Thursday, about 16 months after its demotion to the TSE second section. The stock fetched the day's first quotation of ¥3,905, up ¥20 from Wednesday's closing on the second section. However, it lost momentum later to close down ¥80 at ¥3,805, extending…

Sharp to Release World’s First Home-Use 8K TVs (News)

Tokyo, Sept. 1 (Jiji Press)—Sharp Corp. has said it will release the world's first 8K superhigh-definition television sets for home use. In Japan, Sharp will launch a 70-inch model on December 1, following its Chinese debut in October, according to the company's announcement on Thursday. The 8K TV series will also hit the market in Taiwan in February 2018 and Europe in the following month. …

Japanese Firms Accelerate Outbound Mergers and Acquisitions

Outbound mergers and acquisitions by Japanese companies are trending at high levels, marking all-time highs in both number and value in 2015. This was followed in 2016 by SoftBank’s acquisition of ARM Holdings, a UK-based chip designer. Faced with stagnant demand in the home market, many Japanese companies are looking to benefit from the growth of foreign economies by accelerating their outbound deals.

Rescuing a Giant: Sharp’s Future in Foxconn’s HandsMori Kazuo

In early April Taiwan’s Foxconn concluded its bid to acquire Sharp, placing the future of the debt-ridden manufacturer firmly in the hands of the group’s chair, Terry Gou. The question going forward is whether the charismatic business leader can right the fortunes of the struggling Japanese company.

Timeline for February 2016

North Korea launches a rocket that passes over Okinawa, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is signed in New Zealand, and national census results show Japan’s population fell by almost a million between 2010 and 2015. These are the leading Japan-related stories of February 2016.

Timeline for May 2015

The volcano Shindake erupts on the southern island of Kuchinoerabujima, a plan to reform local government in Osaka is defeated, and debate over new security legislation begins in the Diet. These are the top Japanese stories for May 2015.

Can Sharp Pull Out of Its Nose-Dive?Mori Kazuo

While other Japanese electrical goods manufacturers enjoyed an upturn in fiscal 2014, Sharp posted a loss of over ¥200 billion. Yet its new medium-term management plan fails to include the structural reform it requires.

Putting “Reshoring” into Perspective

With the yen at its weakest level in years, some major Japanese manufacturers with overseas facilities are moving to shift production back to Japan. But insiders caution that the “reshoring” trend is a limited phenomenon and signals no real change in the basic strategy of Japanese export companies in the age of globalization. For years Japanese electronics giants and automakers have been moving…

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