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Video Games: A Winning Strategy for JapanHirabayashi Hisakazu

Japan’s video game producers have lost their former global lead. But in some respects the industry is doing fine. Japanese firms would do well to focus on role-playing games, a genre in which they excel.

New Web Paradigm Poses Challenges and OpportunitiesKurosaka Tatsuya

The advances in recent years of high-resolution video cameras made by GoPro and other companies have made it easy for people to capture their outdoor activities, entirely revolutionizing the way we take videos. Thanks to this technology, all sorts of awe-inspiring images have been captured, whether it is a mountain biker riding along a narrow mountain precipice or a baby seal trying to climb ont…

Bound by the Web: Internet Addiction in JapanHashimoto Yoshiaki

The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare estimates that as many as 518,000 junior high and high school students across the country may be addicted to the Internet. Using data from various surveys of social media use, Professor Hashimoto Yoshiaki of the University of Tokyo examines the background to Internet addiction and looks at what can be done about it.

“Sharing My Adventures” With the World!

Mountain climbing is not usually a spectator sport, but 30-year-old Kuriki Nobukazu uses live streaming to let viewers around the world keep track of every step of his climbs. He has his sights set on conquering Mount Everest in a solo climb, without carrying along oxygen tanks. He’s fallen short in this endeavor three times, but he’ll be back at it again in the autumn of 2012—providing a vivid example of the importance of never giving up.

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