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Government to Release Up to 990 Million Extra Japan Post Shares (News)

Tokyo, Sept. 11 (Jiji Press)—The Japanese government will additionally sell up to 990,099,100 shares in Japan Post Holdings Co., or 22% of the company's outstanding shares, the Finance Ministry said Monday. Proceeds from the sale are expected to total ¥1.3 trillion. The company's stock finished at ¥1,321 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's first section on Monday. The government plans to spend the…

Greece Says No to Austerity

The euro, a symbol of European integration, is facing the greatest crisis since its launch in 1999. In a referendum held on July 5, a majority of Greeks voted against the austerity demanded by the European Union. The result was 61% against and 39% for, a far larger "no" vote than anticipated. This outcome signifies the Greek people’s dissatisfaction with the harsh austerity measures they have endu…

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