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Bigeye Tuna Prices Surging in Japan amid Short Supply (News)

Tokyo, Oct. 3 (Jiji Press)—Wholesale prices for popular frozen bigeye tuna, widely seen in supermarkets and kaiten-zushi conveyor-belt sushi restaurants in Japan, are surging amid poor catches and international fishing regulation. Wholesalers and retailers are concerned that low-priced tuna will become unavailable in the country. Bigeye tuna has long held a major presence in the price segment o…

A Boy Named BonsaiIrmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit

For most of the modern era, the linguistic balance of trade between Japan and the West has been fairly unequal. The transfer of knowledge from the West, accompanied by the assimilation of new vocabulary, was an inherent part of Japan’s modernization. Since the late nineteenth century, countless loanwords from Western languages have become central to Japanese. Compared to these words’ sheer number …

“Kaiten-zushi” (Conveyor-Belt Sushi)

Kaiten-zushi (conveyor-belt sushi) restaurants are a cheap and casual way to enjoy Japan’s most famous food, as customers simply pick up dishes as they pass by on the belt or make orders from touchscreens.

Nurturing a Tradition with the Global Sushi ChallengeJames Singleton

Enjoying sushi in Japan includes the luxury of knowing the meal is genuine. As the cuisine has spread overseas, however, authenticity is not always something diners can take for granted. To help promote sushi knowledge, Japan’s World Sushi Skills Institute and the Norwegian Seafood Council have teamed up to present the Global Sushi Challenge. Framed as the largest international competition for sus…

Five Fast Food ChainsNippon.com Staff

According to one 2010 survey, Japan is home to the world's highest density of cafes and restaurants, with one such establishment for every 216 citizens (as opposed to one per 547 in the United States) and over 470,000 eateries in total nationwide. This abundance is even more pronounced in Tokyo, where there are some 80,000 dining spots. And despite the capital's reputation as an expensive city, ea…

“Edomae” Sushi: A Fast Food with a Long TraditionNakahara Ippo

Sitting at the counter of an exclusive sushi restaurant can be an intimidating experience for the newcomer. But knowing a few basics can make all the difference. In this interview, master chef Aoki Toshikatsu shares some tips about the Edomae style of sushi served at his renowned Sushi Aoki restaurant in Ginza.

Sushi Heaven (Video)

A lot of work goes into a serving of sushi. The skills of a sushi master include carefully selecting the fish and applying various techniques to preserve its freshness. We discover the fine cuisine of the famous Ginza restaurant Sushi Aoki.

Sushi Chef Aoki Toshikatsu: At the Crossroads of Tradition and InnovationNakahara Ippo

Sushi aficionados expect more than just top-quality ingredients when they dine in Ginza. They expect a relentless attention to detail combined with the kind of effortless class that cannot be faked. Sushi Chef Aoki Toshikatsu, second-generation proprietor of Sushi Aoki, personifies these attributes. Nakahara Ippo profiles the master chef and his reverential yet inspired cuisine.

Of Culture Shock and “Shokunin” CultureLiao Baming

A few years ago, while enjoying a Sunday stroll around Tokyo with a friend and his colleague—both of whom were in Japan on business—the three of us dropped in on a restaurant in Ueno for a sushi lunch. It was the first time either of my companions had visited Japan and their first experience of such serving methods, so I explained how they should take what caught their eye from the dishes that pas…

Dubai’s No. 1 Fan of All Things JapaneseChino Keiko

One of the United Arab Emirates, tiny Dubai is home to around 2 million people. But in fact, Dubai nationals make up only around one tenth of that total—just 168,000 people. Most of the people you see on the streets were not born here. This is a land of immigrants. View Larger Map This attractive city is home to 2 million people. Dubai is a city-state where the future rubs shoulders with…

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