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Taiwanese “Kano” Baseball Team Found its Field of Dreams in Prewar JapanBaba Masaki (Interviewer)

The recent film Kano chronicles the inspiring tale of a 1931 Taiwanese baseball team that made it to the championship of Japan’s “Kōshien” high-school tournament. Singer-songwriter Baba Masaki sat down with the producer and director of Kano, Wei De-Shen and Umin Boya, to learn more about the film and the legendary Kano baseball team.

Japanese Artists in Taiwan: A Reciprocal Love AffairBaba Masaki

In recent years, growing numbers of Japanese actors and musicians have been building careers in Taiwan. Taipei-based musician Baba Masaki explores the historical and cultural background to this latest Japanese migration.

Taiwan’s Complicated Love Affair With JapanHari Kyōko

In the late 1990s, a new group of “super fans” of Japanese culture began to emerge in Taiwan. Hari Kyōko, one of the movement’s leading figures, tells the story.

Japan and Taiwan: Officially Strangers, Unofficially FriendsKawashima Shin

Surveys regularly show that many Taiwanese people feel a deep affinity with Japan. The close relationship was reflected in Taiwan’s ¥20 billion contribution to recovery in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2011. And yet there are no formal diplomatic ties between Tokyo and Taipei. What accounts for the good relationship?

How Japan Honors Its War Dead: The Coexistence of Complementary SystemsHiyama Yukio

Japan’s modern memorialization of its war dead has its roots in the conflicts accompanying the restoration of imperial rule in the nineteenth century. These led to the establishment of Yasukuni Shrine as a national institution for those who died fighting for the emperor, along with the emergence of various local observances and memorials. The dual structure continues to this day.

Former Child Workers from Taiwan Preserve the Memory of Their Time in JapanHitoto Tae

An invitation from a friend introduces Hitoto Tae, the daughter of a Taiwanese father and a Japanese mother, to men from Taiwan who served as child workers in Japan’s wartime armament factories.

The Implications of the Japan-Taiwan Fisheries AgreementKawashima Shin

Japan and Taiwan have temporarily shelved territorial disputes over the Senkaku Islands in order to conclude a fisheries agreement. This is a positive step, but tensions remain. We analyze the main points in the agreement and consider future developments.

Conflicts and Disputes over Maritime Interests in East Asian Seas: The Role of Maritime Law Enforcement AgenciesTsuruta Jun

Maritime conflicts and disputes are on the rise in East Asia, reflecting the lingering territorial disputes in the region. The maritime law enforcement agencies of each country face the dilemma of enforcing their domestic laws without inflaming an already volatile situation. Tsuruta Jun, a professor of international law at the Japan Coast Guard Academy, analyzes the current state of affairs and offers his recommendations.

What the Sharp-Foxconn Tie-up SuggestsSatō Yukihito

A Taiwanese company rescues a renowned Japanese manufacturer? This would have been inconceivable in the past, but it makes perfect sense in today’s electronics industry. It is Foxconn of Taiwan that may step in to bail out Japan’s Sharp Corp. Here Satō Yukihito, a researcher at the Institute of Developing Economies, analyzes this development.

Eels: Mass Consumption Threatens the Future of a Favorite Japanese FoodIda Tetsuji

While Japanese consumers feast on cheap imported eels, stocks of the fish are shrinking fast. It is up to Japan to take proper measures to conserve this resource.

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