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Major Construction, Quiet Developments Will Change Tōhoku IslandRobert D. Eldridge

On a beautiful but chilly morning at the end of March 2017, a major engineering project was taking place in northeastern Miyagi Prefecture. But despite the ambitious scale of this operation, it attracted little national or international attention. The site was the Ōshima Strait, separating the island of Ōshima and a peninsula leading out from the city of Kesennuma on the mainland. Workers were …

What Tōhoku Can Teach Harvard Business School StudentsYamazaki Mayuka

Every year since 2012, students from Harvard Business School have been traveling to the disaster areas of Tōhoku. What do the students learn there and what can they do in return for the people of Tōhoku? Here, one of the organizers talks about what she learned from the program.

Six Years On: Strawberry Pickers in Miyagi Set Guinness World Record (News)

Watari, Miyagi Pref., March 5 (Jiji Press)—A total of 1,141 people picked strawberries together on Sunday in an event in Miyagi Prefecture to promote a postdisaster revival of local strawberry farmers, setting a new Guinness World Record. The Miyagi towns of Watari and Yamamoto were the biggest production center of strawberries in the Tōhoku northeastern region until a 9.0-magnitude earthquake …

Dreams of Ihatov: Miyazawa Kenji’s Land of ImaginationWang Min

Miyazawa Kenji set his stories and poems in Ihatov, a fictional land based on his native Iwate Prefecture. At the same time, the writer was much influenced by Chinese literature and thought. His works reflect these differing inspirations in bringing together the local and the distant.

Illustrating Miyazawa Kenji (Photo Gallery)

Designer Kobayashi Toshiya brings classic stories by Miyazawa Kenji to life in a series of illustrated books.

Miyazawa Kenji and the Art of the Picture Book: The Work of Kobayashi Toshiya

Since 1979, graphic designer Kobayashi Toshiya has devoted himself to the illustration and publication of painstakingly crafted picture books based on the stories of Miyazawa Kenji. We visited Kobayashi at his rustic retreat to learn how the world of Kenji inspired a lifetime obsession.

Miyazawa Kenji: A Literary Life in Northern Japan

In his short life, Miyazawa Kenji wrote some of Japan’s most beloved poems and stories. Although largely unappreciated during his lifetime, his reputation has soared in the years that followed.

The State of Recovery in Tōhoku’s Disaster-Stricken Areas

A look at current data on rebuilding efforts in Tōhoku and radiation monitoring and decontamination efforts in Fukushima Prefecture shows the extent of recovery five years after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The State of Sanriku Today (Part 2)Wada Naoki

In the second part of his exploration of the tsunami-stricken communities of the Tōhoku coast, photographer Wada Naoki visits Kesennuma in Iwate and Minamisanriku and Onagawa in Miyagi, gauging how far they have come in the recovery process.

The State of Sanriku Today (Part 1)Wada Naoki

The tsunami generated by the 9.0-magnitude offshore earthquake on March 11, 2011, battered the Sanriku coastline hardest of all. Photographer Wada Naoki has been visiting Sanriku communities since soon after the disaster to chronicle their suffering and recovery.

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