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Tokyo Olympics
Nagashima Osamu: Shuttling Between Badminton and R&D

Badminton will become an official Paralympic sport at the 2020 Tokyo Games. While working as a researcher of stain-resistant technology at Lixil, a leading maker of sanitary ware and other home products, Nagashima Osamu is also busily preparing for the 2020 Games as one of the world’s highest-ranked para-badminton players.

Abe Signals Intent to Skip Pyeongchang Olympics (News)

Sofia, Jan. 15 (Jiji Press)—Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzō on Monday signaled he does not plan to attend the Pyeongchang Olympics in South Korea next month, citing budget deliberations at an upcoming session of the Diet, Japan's parliament. "I'll consider it, while looking at the schedule of the Diet," which will start an ordinary session later this month, Abe told reporters in Sofia, Bulga…

Japan to Boost Quake-Linked Info for Foreigners in Tokyo Games (News)

Rio de Janeiro, Jan. 8 (Jiji Press)—Japan will strengthen efforts to disseminate information on its anti-earthquake measures in multiple languages for visitors from abroad during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Suzuki Shun'ichi, minister in charge of the Tokyo Games, said Monday. Japan has already run simulations and designated evacuation locations in preparation for possible earthquak…

Final Candidate Mascots for 2020 Tokyo Games Unveiled (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 7 (Jiji Press)—The organizing committee of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics unveiled Thursday the final three pairs of candidates for the quadrennial sporting events' mascots. The final three pairs of Tokyo 2020 mascot candidates are unveiled at an elementary school in Shibuya, Tokyo, on December 7, 2017. (© Jiji) A wining pair will be announced on February 28 next year, …

Tokyo 2020: Building a Positive LegacyNakabushi Tatsuya

Preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are proceeding apace, though various hurdles remain. Even as Japan strives to complete the advance work, it must also look ahead to the legacy of the games, using them to address existing local problems and to develop human resources for the future.

Number of Vietnamese in Japan’s Training Program Tops 26,000 (News)

Tokyo, Oct. 13 (Jiji Press)—The number of Vietnamese people in Japan's technical intern training program for foreigners stood at 26,437 in January-June this year, becoming the largest group, according to a recent survey by the Immigration Bureau of Japan. Trainees from China were the second largest group by nation, with the figure standing at 16,863, followed by Indonesia, at 4,558, Thailand, a…

Local Governments Pin Hopes on Athlete Host Town Project (News)

Tokyo (Jiji Press)—Municipalities are gunning to revitalize their regions by taking part in the central government's project to encourage local governments to host foreign athletes and staff participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. In the project, registered municipalities are eligible for financial assistance for exchange programs with sports teams from abroad and renovations …

Japan Trying to Boost Certified Farmers for Tokyo Olympics (News)

Tokyo (Jiji Press)—Japan's agriculture ministry has launched efforts to increase certified agricultural producers in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, where the number of meals to be served for athletes and staff will likely exceed the level of some 15 million distributed during the 2012 London Games. Agricultural producers supplying food materials for the upcoming quadre…

Card Payments in Japan to Be More Convenient (News)

Tokyo, May 11 (Jiji Press)—Making payments with chip-embedded cards in Japan is expected to become easier for visitors from abroad as efforts have begun to introduce contactless payment systems that are globally common. In the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020, McDonald's Holdings Co. (Japan) has decided to install contactless card readers at all its outlets, totaling some 2,…

Japanese Rippers Gather in Tokyo for First Skateboarding Championship (Japan in Photos)

High schooler Nishimura Aori performs a trick on her way to winning the women’s division at the first Japan Skateboarding Championship in Tokyo on April 23, 2017. Two skateboarding disciplines, park and street, will debut as Olympic events at the 2020 Games in Tokyo. (© Jiji.)

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