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Tokyo Station
Carriage Tours of Envoys Revived from Tokyo Station (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 11 (Jiji Press)—A horse-drawn carriage carrying a new ambassador to Japan to the Imperial Palace left Tokyo Station's entrance for distinguished guests for the first time in some 10 years on Monday. A horse-drawn carriage carrying a new ambassador to Japan travels through the Marunouchi square in front of Tokyo Station on December 11, 2017. (© Jiji) The move followed the recent …

Tokyo Station Gets New Public Square After Renovation (Japan in Photos)

Tourists gather in the newly completed public square in front of Tokyo Station on December 7, 2017. A ceremony was held the same day to mark completion of improvements to roads and the surrounding area, which began in 2014. Now the work is finished, the traditional horse-drawn carriage ride for new ambassadors to Japan will once again begin from the special station entrance reserved for the im…

“Ekinaka”: Shopping Complexes Inside Train Stations

Many of Tokyo’s terminal stations host small-scale shopping areas where passengers can shop between catching trains. These complexes have become big business by taking advantage of prime locations to offer an array of goods and services.

Building Tokyo: The Story Behind the Capital’s Red Brick LandmarksJames Singleton

The majestic burgundy facade of Tokyo Station has been stirring hearts since 1914. The broad structure on the Marunouchi side of the station remains one of the best-known examples of brick architecture produced during the Meiji (1868–1912) and Taishō (1912–26) eras, periods marked by heavy influence from the West. The design of the building is unquestionably European, but the characteristic ric…

Timeline for December 2014

Abe Shinzō is reelected as prime minister, Hayabusa 2 sets off on a mission to collect asteroid samples, and Toyota launches the world’s first mass-market fuel cell vehicle. An overview of the key news stories for December 2014.

Getting Around in Tokyo: Basic Information on Airport Access and Transportation

Once travelers touch down in Tokyo, an intricate network of buses, trains, and subways awaits to whisk visitors from Narita and Haneda airports to destinations around the greater metropolitan area. Below we provide information on navigating the city quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Tokyo Station Lights Up the Sky Once More

The beautiful red-brick Tokyo Station building once more became a canvas for a 3D projection show in December 2012. It was so popular, though, that overcrowding caused organizers to cut short the show’s run for safety reasons. We managed to capture a video while it was on.

Tokyo Station Becomes a Screen of Dreams

Some 10,000 people came to revel in the dream world of “Tokyo Station Vision”—a sound and light show projected onto the newly restored brick building of Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station: Modern Convenience in a Historical Setting

The iconic red-brick façade of Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi Building is one of the capital’s most beloved landmarks. A major renovation project has recently restored the building to its original glory for the first time since the war. At the luxurious Tokyo Station Hotel inside the station building, special displays allow visitors to experience a taste of the station’s history as they enjoy the hotel’s unparalleled modern conveniences.

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