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Akita Dogs Skew Japanese Prefecture Search Survey

Akita was near the top of the overseas Internet search ranking for Japanese prefectures—apparently thanks to the Akita-inu dog breed and Alina Zagitova.

Akusekijima, Where Masked Gods Run WildSaitō Jun

Akusekijima is part of the Tokara island chain lying midway between Yakushima and Amami Ōshima south of Kyūshū. Sparkling like a diamond in the rough, it’s home to mysterious masked gods, island delicacies, rough-hewn hot springs, and more.

Japan’s Inbound Tourism Boom and the Diversity DividendWarren A. Stanislaus

Inbound tourism to Japan has more than tripled in recent years, and the country is looking to grow these numbers still more to enhance its economy and its global cultural presence. In doing so, it should look for ways to market itself to—and work with—black and other minority market segments to achieve truly diverse growth in the sector.

Mickey Expands His Kingdom as Tokyo Disney Resort Targets Higher Attendance

For Japanese people, the nation’s foremost theme park is Tokyo Disney Resort. Since 2013, it has attracted over 30 million people annually and ranks highly in global rankings for visitor numbers.

Japan’s New “Kitchen”: Famed Tsukiji Market Relocates to ToyosuKawamoto Daigo

Trading has finally begun at the new Toyosu wholesale market, whose opening was delayed for two years following revelations of contaminated soil and groundwater. Workers appear surprisingly upbeat and intent on building a brand image rivaling that of the celebrated Tsukiji market.

Zombies in Japanese Entertainment: No Stopping the Undead SpreadOkamoto Takeshi

The new zombie comedy Kamera o tomeru na (One Cut of the Dead) has inexorable momentum. The low-budget hit, directed by Ueda Shin’ichirō, opened in just two theaters in June 2018, but by September it was screening in more than 300 across Japan, according to listings on its official website. From the mix of small venues and cinema complexes, the film’s inherent entertainment value has clearly fue…

Visitors to Japan Top 20 Million in Eight Months, But Summer Growth Slows

The number of foreign arrivals in Japan is breaking records once again in 2018, with over 20 million entering the country through August alone. A string of natural disasters is casting a shadow over future prospects, though.

Departure Rate for Japanese in Their Twenties Rebounds to 1990s Levels

Newly released figures show that 2.83 million Japanese traveled abroad during the 2018 summer holidays, 4.1% more than in the same period last year. The number of Japanese going abroad rose steadily from when restrictions on overseas travel were eased in 1964 and peaked at 18.49 million in 2012. Now young Japanese travelers are once again showing growing interest in foreign destinations.

Today’s Young Japanese Have A Different Take on Travel AbroadNakamura Tetsu

Young Japanese backpackers traveling the world on a shoestring are probably in the minority today. Low-cost carriers, online travel agencies, and social media have changed how this demographic travels abroad.

Japanese Television’s Contribution to TourismUchiyama Takashi

Japanese television shows are increasingly being aired overseas, including traditional over-the-air broadcasts and online distribution services. This growth in Japanese-made programing has helped build interest in Japan in foreign countries and is playing a role in Japan’s ongoing tourism boom.

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