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“Dragon Quest” Theme Rings Out on Shibuya Trains (Video)

From July 5 to September 12, the overture from Dragon Quest is warning passengers that trains will depart on Shibuya Station platforms.

Tokyo’s New Restaurant Train Offers Haute Cuisine on Wheels

Seibu Railway has launched a restaurant train service between Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture. Lovers of fine cuisine and rail travel can tuck into a gourmet meal as they watch the landscape unfold.

Kyoto Railway Museum (Photo Gallery)

Kyoto Railway Museum, which opened in April, presents the history of the Japanese rail network. Enjoy a virtual visit with our selection of images.

“Ekinaka”: Shopping Complexes Inside Train Stations

Many of Tokyo’s terminal stations host small-scale shopping areas where passengers can shop between catching trains. These complexes have become big business by taking advantage of prime locations to offer an array of goods and services.

Kyoto Railway Museum: A Showcase of Japan’s Rail Heritage

The just-opened museum near Kyoto Station is the latest addition to the list of places to visit in Japan’s ancient capital, which also once served as a hub for a nationwide network of steam locomotives.

Public Transit Smart Cards in Japan

Suica, Pasmo, Icoca, and other smart cards help keep Japan’s many public transport users moving. Stored credit on the cards can also be used for many ordinary transactions.

Doctor Yellow Keeps the Shinkansen Network HealthyRichard Medhurst

One of Japan’s most famous doctors is a brightly colored train that whizzes around the country’s high-speed rail network. The Shinkansen test train, popularly known as Doctor Yellow, is used to monitor the condition of tracks and overhead wires, helping to preserve the enviable safety record of the high-speed rail service. The vehicle’s nickname derives from its diagnostic function and distinctive…

Hokuriku Shinkansen Guide: Routes, Trains, Seating, and Fares

The new Hokuriku Shinkansen service linking Nagano and Kanazawa went into action on March 14. We present a map of the new lines, along with information on the various services and carriage types, and a price list.

Exporting the Maglev Dream: Can the Bullet Train Go Global?

On December 17, 2014, Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Central) began construction of a revolutionary passenger railway system that achieves super-high speeds by using superconductors to levitate trains magnetically. When complete, the Chūō Shinkansen maglev should help relieve crowding on the Tōkaidō Shinkansen, the storied “bullet train” that runs along the densely developed urban corridor connecti…

The Shinkansen Turns 50: The History and Future of Japan’s High-Speed Train

On October 1, 1964, the shinkansen began commercial service between Japan’s two largest cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Now 50 years on, the iconic train runs from Aomori in the north to Kagoshima in the south. We take a look back at the country’s “bullet train” and peek down the tracks to see where it is headed next.

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