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Japan’s Typhoons: Peak Numbers in August, Peak Damage in September

Almost every summer typhoons approaching or hitting Japan are in the news. Around 26 cyclonic storms are generated every year, but the typhoons that cause the heaviest damage are concentrated in September.

Rain-Related Disasters Becoming More Frequent in Japan

A timeline of rain-related disasters in Japan shows that they commonly occur in July, and that they have become more frequent since 2000.

Wind and Rain: Three Ancient Trees in Typhoon SeasonTakahashi Hiroshi

Autumn brings stunning shades of foliage. But it is also the bearer of typhoons, those age-old and ruthless scourges of the forest. Ancient trees in regions where storms frequently pass have over the centuries girded themselves against the tempests by sending their roots out broad and deep and strengthening their limbs against the wind and rain. In our ongoing series on old-growth trees, we visit three venerable specimens that have been shaped by typhoons.

Timeline for August 2016

Emperor Akihito expresses a desire to abdicate in a video message and Japan wins a record number of medals at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. These are the leading news stories of August 2016.

More Than Just a Weather Service: Japan’s Multifunctional Meteorological AgencyFurukawa Takehiko

The Japan Meteorological Agency is playing an increasingly prominent role as extreme weather events continue to strike the Japanese archipelago. More than just a weather service, JMA also monitors volcanic and seismic activity on land and waves and currents at sea, and it helps protect lives by issuing various types of warnings.

Addressing Natural Disaster Risks: The Need for Greater Self-RelianceKatada Toshitaka

When the city of Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture, was hit by a tremendous tsunami following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, almost all of its 3,000 elementary and junior high school pupils survived. They were quick to flee thanks in part to the disaster-preparedness training by Katada Toshitaka, who here calls for greater self-reliance in the face of the growing risks from natural disasters.

In the Path of the Storm: Japan and Typhoons

Typhoons are a part of life in Japan, with several storms lashing the archipelago every year. So far in 2014 typhoons have blustered Okinawa, flooded rivers in Kyoto, and triggered flooding and landslides on the island of Shikoku. Mitigating measures have helped limit storm damage, but over the years Japan has felt the wrath of big storms. Here we present information on some of the most destructive typhoons to have struck Japan.

Timeline for July 2014

The government reinterprets the Constitution, sanctions on North Korea are eased, and Typhoon Neoguri causes three deaths. Here are the key Japanese news stories for July 2014.

Double Typhoons, Torrential Rains, and Japan’s Six SeasonsPaul Warham

Anyone who has spent time in Japan knows how important the seasons are here. It’s safe to say that the idea of four distinct seasons looms large in the national mythos. New arrivals are often surprised to be asked: “Do you have seasons in your country?” We do indeed, the proud British visitor replies—often all four in one day. Even in the cities, the ancient seasonal traditions are alive and well…

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