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University of Tokyo Probe Finds Misconduct by Professor in Five Papers (News)

Tokyo, Aug. 2 (Jiji Press)—An investigation committee of the University of Tokyo has found that a professor at its Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences committed misconduct, including data fabrications, in five papers. The university will investigate other papers for which Watanabe Yoshinori, the professor in question, is responsible and decide how to punish him. It will request him …

Global University Rankings: How Are They Measured?Shirabe Masashi

The Abe administration is aiming to get more Japanese universities to rank among the world’s top 100. But are the ranking figures reliable? An academic expert explains how the global rankings are measured and why they should not be used as a policy target.

Tackling China’s Diabetes ProblemIizuka Yōko

China now has the largest diabetic population in the world. In October 2011 a Japanese medical team began a project in Shanghai to apply Japanese-style treatment to this growing problem. Iizuka Yōko, born in China to a Chinese father and Japanese mother, was involved in proposing and planning the project, and she participated in it as a physician.

MOOCs: A Professor’s Reflections on Online Education

Massive open online courses have been on the rise in recent years, and in 2013 the University of Tokyo started its own MOOCs. These courses aim to provide widespread access to higher education via the Internet, but how effective are they in practice? We spoke to the university's Professor Fujiwara Kiichi to find out.

Building a Floating Wind Farm Off the Fukushima Coast

After being devastated by the Tōhoku earthquake and nuclear disaster last March, Fukushima Prefecture is now looking to renewable energy as a new area of industrial development. Tests of the world’s first large-scale offshore floating wind farm are underway, and hopes are high.

The Potential of Marine EnergyKinoshita Takeshi

Today Japan is increasingly moving toward diversification of its energy sources. One area of focus is the vast, untapped potential of marine energy. This feature explores the possibility for its application in Japan, as well as the current state of research and development.

Japan on the Threshold of Academic GlobalizationUeyama Takahiro

The University of Tokyo’s new all-English undergraduate programs may sound like the last word in academic globalization, but university administrators are quietly planning a far more momentous step. Ueyama explains the significance of aligning the academic year with international norms and the ramifications for Japanese society as a whole.

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