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Shedding Light on “Formosa’s Betrayal”: Kabira Chōsei on George Kerr and Taiwanese History

Soon after World War II ended, the February 28 Incident rocked the island of Taiwan. The diplomat and scholar George Kerr explored this bloody chapter in Taiwanese history in his book Formosa Betrayed. We spoke with Kabira Chōsei, an Okinawan broadcaster raised in Taiwan under Japanese rule, about George Kerr—who taught him English in his school days—and his take on Taiwan’s past and present.

The Lure of Tainan: The “Roots” of Taiwan with Links to JapanHitoto Tae

Taiwan is just a three-hour flight from Tokyo. Although it is a small island—around a tenth the size of Japan—its history of colonial control by a range of foreign powers gives it a unique, multicultural atmosphere. The capital of Taipei, known for its xiaolongbao steamed buns, night markets, and massage, is a particularly popular destination for Japanese travelers. The city of Tainan, some two …

The Wansei: History’s Castaways Look Homeward to TaiwanKatakura Yoshifumi

In 1895, the Qing government of China ceded Taiwan and the Pescadores (Penghu) to Japan under the Treaty of Shimonoseki, which ended the Sino-Japanese War of 1894–95. The Japanese government established the Office of the Governor-General in Taipei as an organ of colonial rule, and for the next half-century this outpost of the imperial government ruled over Taiwan and the Taiwanese while investing …

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