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How Can Harajuku Get Its Groove Back?

Harajuku in Tokyo is known around the world as a street-fashion Mecca. Yonehara Yasumasa has kept a close eye on the neighborhood’s street life, snapping photos with his Cheki instant camera. Here he speaks his mind about how commercialism has dulled the Harajuku style and what it will take to revive youth culture there.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at a “Popteen” Cover Shoot (Video)

Popteen is one of the leading magazines for young women who are into the vibrant style of Japan’s gyaru subculture. We visited the studio where the cover for the New Year’s issue was being shot for a behind-the scenes look at Kumikkī, Mizukiti, and Pikarin—the trio of kimono-clad amateur models featured on the cover.

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