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Nippon × Fashion 2012

Fashion is a mirror of the times, as well as a hint at what future times may hold. Can Japan’s fashion provide insight into the turmoil confronting Japanese society today? In this series we take a close-up look at the reality of the new age.

Opening Up Japanese Fashion

The current state and future of Japanese fashion cannot be summed up in one simple statement, but we bring together three observers who share a deep insight and close connection to the field to freely exchange their thoughts on the subject.

An Explorer of Japanese Style

Tokyo is far from the established fashion capitals of the world, but the styles seen on its streets continue to attract global attention. We interview an American woman whose fascination with uniquely Japanese looks brought her to the country more than a decade ago; she has been involved in the fashion scene in Japan ever since.

Kōenji’s Kitakore Building

The Kōenji district to the west of central Tokyo is a residential district also known for its vintage clothing stores. Along its main shopping street is a strangely colored structure: the Kitakore Building, which is attracting international attention in fashion circles.

How Can Harajuku Get Its Groove Back?

Harajuku in Tokyo is known around the world as a street-fashion Mecca. Yonehara Yasumasa has kept a close eye on the neighborhood’s street life, snapping photos with his Cheki instant camera. Here he speaks his mind about how commercialism has dulled the Harajuku style and what it will take to revive youth culture there.

Models Just Like Us

Despite the ongoing downturn in Japan’s publishing industry, one fashion magazine is thriving: Popteen, a lifestyle monthly for young women that enjoys a circulation of 420,000. Who exactly are the “reader models” that have been the key to its popularity?

Rising Stars in the Fashion World

Even as fast fashion takes the world by storm, a few designers continue to make clothes following their own unique vision. Here is an introduction to 12 up-and-coming brands that embody the present and the future of mode in Japan.

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