Kyoto at the Forefront of the Manga World

Kyoto International Manga Museum and Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center

In an ancient city that symbolizes Japan’s history and traditional culture, the Kyoto International Manga Museum is rapidly emerging as an international center for manga studies. Drawing impressive numbers of manga-lovers from all over the world, the museum is helping to bring new life into the old city.

Manga Makes It to Academia

Manga has grown from its beginnings in Japan to become a global phenomenon. Its growing influence is reflected in academia, where manga-related research is on the rise. One of the pioneers in this field is the German scholar Jaqueline Berndt, the vice-director of Kyoto Seika University’s International Manga Research Center. We talked with her to learn more about how she became interested in manga and her approach to manga research.

The Role of Manga in Postdisaster Japan

Artists in every field have put themselves forward to help since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Manga artists from Japan and overseas were also quick to offer their help, coming together to offer a vision of hope among the ruins.

Kyoto’s Manga Museum

Famous for its ancient temples and gardens, since 2006 the historic city of Kyoto has also been home to a museum specializing in manga—that vivid and irrepressible symbol of Japan’s vibrant modern culture. Combining the best aspects of a library and a museum, the new facility functions as both a resource for scholarly research and as an oasis of relaxation and escape for fans.

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