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Revisiting Scenes of Timeless Nostalgia

Towns and cities change with the passing years, but some timeless things remain. Coming into contact with them again is a way to rekindle fond memories of past encounters with people and places. This series takes a look at Japanese items and locales that have an enduring, nostalgic charm.

Japan’s Movie Theater Sign Painter: Star Power in Acrylic

When local movie theaters were important entertainment centers, sign painters played a key role in drawing spectators to the latest big film. Ōshita Takeo, who made a living for decades as a sign painter, keeps his movie passion alive by producing portraits of Japanese and international stars.

The Nostalgic Taste of “Dagashi” Snacks

Stopping by the local shop selling inexpensive snacks, called dagashi, used to be an after-school custom in Japan. The sight of those snacks brings back fond memories for adults today. Here we take a closer look at some of these snacks and a Tokyo shop that continues to sell them.

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