Beholding Japanese Beauty

Women in Japan go to great lengths to look their best, keeping a close eye on the latest beauty tips and trends. The emphasis on feminine beauty stretches far back into Japanese history. This series looks at how Japanese women—then and now—have looked at beauty.

The Fair Face of Japanese Beauty

The old Japanese saying, “a fair complexion hides seven flaws,” attests to the high regard the Japanese have for a light skin tone. Even today, amid the ebb and tide of makeup trends both domestic and foreign, women continue to pursue a pale ideal of beauty. This article looks at the origins and evolution of conceptions of skin beauty in Japan.

Nailing a Fashion Trend

The past decade has seen an explosion of interest in nail art among Japanese women. The number of nail salons and schools to train the “nailists” (as they are called) has skyrocketed. Here we take a look at this growing fashion trend.

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