A New Era for Kabuki

In April 2013, the new Kabukiza theater opened in Tokyo’s Ginza district—the fifth incarnation of this renowned venue. This series of articles commemorates this event and looks back on the 400-year history of kabuki.

The Curtain Rises on an All-New Kabukiza

The newly rebuilt Kabukiza opened its doors in Tokyo’s Ginza District in April 2013, taking the name “Kabukiza V” in the fashion of a kabuki actor. In this article we take a look at the impressive new theater with its 125 years of history and tradition and its newly added modern facilities.

The Dramatic History of Kabuki Theaters

The new Kabukiza theater in Tokyo’s Ginza district opened its doors to the public on April 2, 2013. Over the 400-year history of kabuki, the theaters where its performances have been staged have had dramatic histories of their own. Here we look back on some of the more colorful events at those venues.

A Kabuki Parade Through Ginza

In late March, dozens of kabuki actors, including well-known names such as Nakamura Tokizō and Ichikawa Ebizō, took part in a large parade through Tokyo’s Ginza to celebrate the official reopening of the Kabukiza theater. See our video of this unprecedented event.

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